Sonic Bloom uses sounds from Nature to grow healthier, more abundant plants
   an Easy & Affordable Addition for Every Type of Horticulture!

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The Backyard Farmer

Are you a serious Backyard Farmer?
Would you like to Start a Sonic Bloom test plot on your large Farm?

If you answered YES than this is the perfect place to start!

You will be equipped to treat any small backyard or indoor growing space up to 5 ACRES with the most effective form of Sonic Bloom straight frequency using your custom, MADE IN THE USA, SB1 Audio Box that includes battery & electric options and now a FREE ENERGY EFFICIENT Sonic Bloom Solar Panel. With a 4 oz. jar of Organic Sonic Bloom Nutrient you can make 45 gallons of spray, the ideal amount to gauge your future Sonic Bloom needs. Free Shipping in the US International Shipping $40

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The Home Gardener Collection

Do you like to garden in your free time?
Would you like to try a little Sonic Bloom frequency before upgrading to the SB Audio Box?

If you answered YES than this option will be a great Start!

Including all 3 Sonic Bloom CD's to Grow By, Classical, Whistling and Inspirational. A mild embedded version of our Sonic Bloom frequency is layered in each CD with different music. You can switch them out in your garden or gift on to your favorite gardening friend. The 4 oz Organic Sonic Bloom Nutrient, making 45 gallons of spray, will last any small gardener up to 2 growing seasons. FREE SHIPPING IN US International $10 S&H

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Sonic Bloom is an two part system, sound &
foliar feeding, easily integrated into any type of

horticulture project, from conventional to Organic

Farming. Our unique,growth stimulating sound is

available in CD's with music or for more effective

delivery with SB Audio Boxes. Sonic Bloom's Plant Food

is specially formulated to be used with our

sound, using only Certified Organic ingredients. We

would like to invite YOU to explore our website and

learn more about SONIC BLOOM and what YOUR plants are


Birdsong variety is increased from 2 to 6 with just 30 seconds of Sonic Bloom Sound exposure.


           "Plants, can only be understood when considered in connection with all that is circling, weaving and living around them. In the Spring and Autumn, when swallows produce vibrations as they flock in a body of air, causing currents with their wing beats, these and birdsong, have a powerful effect on the flowering and fruiting of plants"                       
                                    ~Rudolf Steiner
                                        Secrets of the Soil      
               a book based on Steiner's Biodynamic Farming Techniques   

            Sonic Bloom is based on proven theories & scientific research.

Sounds of nature complete any organic, holistic or biodynamic horticulture experience.

Our One of a Kind Audio Boxes recreate this unique Sonic Symphony
      to bring new life and bounty to YOUR crops! 

Click here visit our Product Page to Shop our Sonic Bloom Store

Check out what Lehua Lani Farm is growing with
             Sonic Bloom in Hawaii Spring/Summer 2014! 







What is Sonic Bloom & How can I use it to grow healthier plants?

Sonic Bloom is simply a Sound Frequency based on birdsong, crickets and other sounds from nature. Sounds your plants are already programed within to respond to. We embed this sound in Musical CD's for house plants (Sonic Bloom grew the largest House plant in 1983 Guiness Book of World Records, See Media Page) or for large growing operations and avid indoor growers we have SB Audio Boxes that deliver strait frequency to achieve maximum results. Larger Applications of Sonic Bloom can be easily integrated in to your routine and our Sound will bring new life to your entire growing environment. 

~The SB1 for indoors, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Small to Medium Greenhouse Supplies & Any size backyard up to 5 acres ~ less than two pounds and easily rotated for multiple growing spaces
~The SB2 has dual speakers for tractors or pole mounting for dual directional treatment up to 50 Acres
~The SB25 is Ideal for large Greenhouse Supplies, Conventional & Organic Farms up to 25 Acres
weighing less than three pounds for easy rotation in multiple growing spaces

~The SB3 is the ultimate in Sonic Bloom Sound & Organic Agriculture. 
This pole mounted Audio Box delivers a 360 degree sound exposure and Volume Control for any size Horticulture space from a small back yard up to 100 Acres.
9 speakers including downward facing speaker for soil stimulation and 24 foot power cord for high center field mounting and easy on/off switch.

Our Organic Sonic Bloom Plant Food, specially formulated for Organic Farming, is to be delivered when exposing plants to Sonic Bloom Sound. This is done anywhere from once a week to once a month, a detailed spray instruction manual for most every type growing and crop is available on our Instructions & Schedule Page.  You can use your usual products and growing system all other times, Conventional or Organic Agriculture. Sonic Bloom is a complementary system and can accent any type of horticulture, micro to commercial, from soil to Hydroponics and Conventional as well as Organic Farms.  Sonic Bloom nutrient comes in a powder or for smaller application a vegetarian dissolvable gel cap and has a maximum extended shelf life stored in a cool dry place.

Easy. Affordable. Earth Friendly. One of a Kind Audio Organic Agriculture.


Peppers in Belize mature faster
& have longer shelf life
Sonic Bloom is a proprietary audio, organic nutrient plant growing process that was first developed by Dr. Dan Carlson Sr. in the 1970's to assist any Conventional & Organic Farm, particularly with low water availability and poor soil conditions. When properly applied, sonic stimulation (which is essentially a synthesized version of birdsong), causes the stomata or breathing holes under the leaves to open wider, thus allowing in more carbon dioxide and nutrients. This affects plant metabolism at the cellular level and increases the size and number of stomata on each leaf, resulting in a greatly increased absorption rate of moisture and nutrients - an effect that is quickly reflected in root growth, seed-germination, plant growth, and yield.

The second discovery is the development of a natural organic Plant Food formula which is most effective when applied at the same time as the sonic stimulus to the leaves of plants and trees as a fine spray, or to seeds as a carefully timed soak. At the turn of the Century Dr. Carlson’s son and apprentice, Dan Carlson Jr., redeveloped the Sonic Bloom nutrient into a powder concentrate form making Sonic Bloom more Sustainable and greatly increasing shelf life of the nutrient. Sonic Bloom continues to make strides to ensure growers of every size and method can benefit from using our Audio Organic Agriculture System. From Hydroponics to drought resistance Sonic Bloom has been tested with every possible Horticulture method from Conventional to Organic Farming. In response to more people micro or balcony gardening the Sonic Bloom Starter Kit was developed by Dan Jr. in 2013. Our vegetarian dissolvable gel caps are uniquely designed to aid plants grown in small spaces. Our SB1 Audio Box was also relaunched in 2013 with adjustable volume control so Backyard Gardeners, Indoor & Greenhouse Growers can now use strait frequency for maximum results. We believe in the future our Audio Boxes will be a must have
when compiling you Greenhouse Supplies, the perfect way to bring nature to your indoor space.
In 2014 Sonic Bloom was excited to debut Solar Power & redeveloped large coverage Audio Boxes for Conventional and Organic Farming. Now growers can treat their crops 25, 50 & 100 acres at a time and at no extra energy cost using SOLAR POWER!  We encourage our customers to continue to share with us feedback and results so we can develop the best Sonic Bloom Growing System for everyone to enjoy healthier grown plants.

Play NOW to hear the Sonic Bloom Frequency!  
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